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Get an Upgrade to Your Physique with Dubai's Best Personal Trainers

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Get an Upgrade to Your Physique with Dubai's Best Personal Trainers

Explore Fitness with the Best


A personalized fitness plan that considers your unique needs and goals is more than just a routine. At Fit Tribe, we know that every person's path is unique. That's why our approach is centered around you – your goals, your challenges, and your victories.

Our team is committed to developing a personalized program that works with your busy schedule so you can achieve your health and fitness goals, whether they be weight loss, stronger muscles, or something entirely different. You will not only reach your fitness objectives with our constant assistance and personalized training, but you will also gain self-assurance and competence in every aspect of your life.





How we operate

Initial Assessment

Every client receives a comprehensive 1-on-1 initial assessment conducted by one of our expert personal trainers. During this session, we delve deep into your fitness history, goals, preferences, and any specific challenges or limitations you may have.

Customized Plan Creation

 Following the assessment, your dedicated trainer will meticulously craft a personalized workout and nutrition plan tailored specifically to your desired outcomes. This plan is not only based on your fitness goals but also takes into account factors such as your personality, lifestyle, and preferences

Customized Plan Creation

At Fittribe, we understand that adherence to a program is paramount for success. That's why we provide continuous support and guidance throughout your fitness journey. Our trainers are adept at adapting the program to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring maximum efficacy and sustainability.


Client : Mr. Arun

Everyone feels joy at a reunion from their time in college. Meeting new people, having in-depth conversations, and being surprised to run across former classmates and acquaintances. Arun was one of those people who was looking forward to the reunion but was also nervous about his unattractive physique.
Arun contacted Fittribe out of worry in order to prepare for his college reunion. He desired to lose additional weight and develop an attractive physique so that he could confidently address the public.
Following our initial session with him, we gave him a diet and exercise regimen that suited his fitness objectives. Arun adhered to everything religiously, became in the best physical shape of his life, and we have no doubt that he was a popular figure at that reunion.

Client : Mr. Aghvan

Our client Aghvan works for Armani. He contacted Fit Tribe in Dubai to get ready for a shoot in 12 weeks.

He followed a very flexible diet for this transformation and included all the foods he enjoys.

Aghvan achieved his body transformation goal in his desired timeline with Fit Tribe in Dubai's specialized workout plan, personal training and support.

Client : Mr. Osan

He was suffering from high blood pressure and insulin resistance.
He contacted Fit Tribe in Dubai to lose weight and improve health markers.
We created a specialized workout and nutrition plan for him with proper monitoring and support. Osan was fully committed towards the program and lost 24 kgs in 16 weeks.

Our certified personal trainers and nutritionists transform our clients into super-heroes, the best version of themselves!
Read our bio for our wide range of top-rated personal training, fitness, and nutrition services in Dubai and online.

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Client : Mr. Nahman

Nawman came to us with a goal of losing a substantial amount of body fat and reaching a bodyweight which he is comfortable with.

In the initial assessment we understood his lifestyle well and picked a dieting approach which suits his lifestyle well so that he can achieve the desired goal effortlessly.

He also did 5 times strength training with our head coach. On top of that he had to meet a daily step goal.. by adhering to the program well nawman managed to lose 27 kgs in 24 weeks time

Client : Ms. Divya

Our client Divya contacted Fit Tribe DXB in Dubai after attempting a number of exercise regimens and low-fat diets, visiting gyms, and speaking with numerous trainers and dieticians.
Divya contacted us as a last resort after growing frustrated with the lack of progress. She required a program that was both flexible and long-lasting.
Fit Tribe DXB's highly-certified and experienced personal trainer in Dubai first understood Divya's problems in detail and then explained to her our training strategies. After that we started her personal training sessions and Divya was able to lose 17 kg weight in 24 weeks with Fit Tribe DXB's specialized approach for her exercise and diet.

Client: Mr. Prod

Mr. Prod approached Fit Tribe in Dubai with the goal of gaining weight and achieving a lean physique. As the head photographer for various international companies, his busy schedule, especially on weekends, posed a challenge. Poor eating habits, irregular sleep, and lack of exercise contributed to his dissatisfaction and anxiety.

Our expert trainers and nutritionists crafted a personalized diet and workout plan to build muscle and strength, addressing nutrient deficiencies.
Continuous support and adjustments to his schedule helped him adopt a healthier lifestyle. Within 10 weeks, Prod gained 7 kg of muscle, transforming his body with Fit Tribe in Dubai.

Client : Mr. Faisal

Mr. Faisal faced concerns about his weight spiraling out of control before his vacation.
Seeking a rapid weight and fat reduction solution, he turned to Fit Tribe in Dubai.
After analyzing his physique, we provided a flexible yet effective calorie estimation and recommended a rapid fat loss method.

Though initially challenging, with our support and regular follow-ups, Faisal adhered to the protocols.
Periodic refeeds improved adherence and satiety levels.
After 6 weeks, he lost 8 kg and embarked on his vacation confidently.
Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Faisal continues personal training with Fit Tribe.

Client : Mr. Raj

An Investment banker in Dubai for 15 years, he faced health challenges due to his sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.
Long hours in front of the computer led to improper food timings, fast food consumption, and irregular sleep patterns, resulting in a weight gain of 91 kg and an LDL Cholesterol level of 160.
Concerned about his health, Raj sought help from Fit Tribe in Dubai. Following a comprehensive medical checkup and body analysis, he received a customized diet plan and a 5-day weights with cardio regimen.
Weekly monitoring and adjustments led to a 6 kg weight loss and a reduction in LDL Cholesterol to 135 within 4 weeks.
With renewed confidence, Mr. Raj continues his personal training with Fit Tribe.

Client : Mr. Emile

Mr. Emile, a busy Restaurant Manager in Dubai, embarked on a transformative journey with Fit Tribe.

Despite his hectic schedule, Emile's determination to achieve his fitness dream for New Year's surpassed all obstacles.

With our assurance and personalized fitness plan, including 4-5 workouts per week, specialized personal training, and proper nutrition, Emile made significant progress towards his goal.

His dedication paid off, as he lost 14 kg in just 11 weeks, improved cholesterol levels, blood sugar, insulin levels, and kidney health markers, while also gaining muscle and strength.

Client : Mr. Sibin

A businessman with no prior exercise experience, Mr. Sibin, based in Africa and India, sought guidance from Fit Tribe.

Understanding his busy lifestyle, we emphasized the importance of daily exercise during our initial meeting.

Inspired and motivated, Mr. Sibin enrolled in our fat loss personal training plan, starting with 3 personal training and 3 cardio sessions per week.
Under our supervision, sessions gradually increased to 4 to 5 per week, accompanied by a monitored diet plan.
Thanks to Fit Tribe's personal training, Mr. Sibin achieved remarkable results, losing 17 kilograms in just 20 weeks while improving flexibility and general strength.

Client : Mr. Patrik

Patrik's journey with Fit Tribe in Dubai began at the age of 14, an unconventional start.

Seeking to transform his body into an athletic one, Patrik aimed to transition from goalkeeper to center forward in his school football team.
Fit Tribe provided Patrik with a tailored diet and workout plan suitable for his age, closely monitoring his progress.

With unwavering commitment, Patrik successfully shed excess weight, going from 85 kg to 71 kg in 6 months.

Today, Patrik boasts an impressive athletic physique and proudly plays as center forward on his school team.

Client : Mr. Waleed

At 38 years old and weighing 79 kg, Mr. Waleed, already in good shape, sought Fit Tribe in Dubai to gain muscle without increasing fat.
We devised a specialized lean bulk plan comprising diet and workout routines spanning 16-20 weeks, tailored to his goals.
With consistent monitoring and Waleed's dedication, he gained 9 kg of muscle, reaching a weight of 88 kg without increasing body fat, showcasing Fit Tribe's ability to guide clients in achieving their desired body composition.

Client: Mr. Farzan

Mr. Farzan sought Fit Tribe in Dubai to transform his body for his 50th birthday after previous failed attempts with other coaches.
As a busy Emirates manager, we tailored workouts and nutrition to fit his schedule.
Starting at 24% body fat, within a year, Farzan achieved 10% body fat and gained 7 kg of muscle.
Fit Tribe proudly celebrates Farzan's success as our client.

Client: Mr. Hishanth

Mr. Hishanth approached Fit Tribe in Dubai seeking to achieve fat loss and muscle gain.
At 28, he struggled with a skinny-fat body, aiming to reduce body fat while improving his physique.
Fit Tribe devised a personalized diet and workout plan, providing comprehensive support throughout his journey.
Thanks to our personal training, Hishanth achieved his desired body shape, shedding 7 kg of fat and gaining 5 kg of muscle within 3 months.

Client : Mr.Abdulla

Seeking a body transformation for an upcoming beach vacation, Mr. Abdulla reached out to Fit Tribe in Dubai for a 12-week program.
We tailored a sustainable, goal-based diet plan and a 5-day strength training regimen to help him build muscle.
Through consistent adherence to the workout and diet plan, Mr. Abdulla achieved remarkable results, shedding 12 kg in 12 weeks and attaining a beach-ready body.

What Can You Expect

In partnering with Fittribe, you can expect a fitness experience unlike any other. Here's what sets us apart:

Tailored Approach

We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to fitness. With Fittribe, you can expect a tailored approach that is uniquely crafted to align with your personality, lifestyle, and preferences

Efficient Results

Our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest time possible. By customizing every aspect of your program and focusing on adherence, we ensure that you see tangible results and progress quickly.

Continuous Support

Beyond just providing a workout and nutrition plan, we offer unwavering support and guidance every step of the way. Whether you need motivation, advice, or adjustments to your plan, our team is here to support you throughout your journey.

Who Can Benefit from Us

Fittribe is dedicated to helping a diverse range of individuals achieve their fitness aspirations. Our programs cater to:

All Ages

From kids to the elderly, our personalized approach can be tailored to suit individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Varied Goals

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building, sports specific training, or overall health improvement, Fittribe has the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Individuals with Different Needs

No matter your background or circumstances, if you're committed to improving your fitness and well-being, Fittribe is here to support you every step of the way.


Nouman Afzal Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services
Nouman Afzal

Amazing team which ensures you meet your fitness goals. With their exceptional nutrition and workout guidelines I have reached my fitness goals sooner than later.Def recommended.

Beena Babu Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services
Beena Babu

Amazing personal trainer at Fit tribe dxb Hands down 🙇‍♀️best choice I've made choosing them, trainer is exceptionally great…Overall vibe is excellent and I have had nothing but good experiences. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Darshan D Gowda Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services
Darshan D Gowda

My experience with fittribe has been exceptional, amazing fitness classes. instructors have such passion and energy for what they do. They have helped me tremendously in finding the right workouts and exercises. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and have increased my strength, energy and confidence. Kudos to the team.

Swathy Kailesh Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services
Swathy Kailesh

I have trained with many coaches in Dubai, but this a different experience training with Sarath from Fit Tribe. I have lost 12 kg in three months time. They gave me a clear picture of diet and training to achieve my Goal. I highly recommend fit tribe if you really look forward to get into a good shape. Happy to be a part of Fit tribe family.

Chaithra Machaiah Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services
Chaithra Machaiah

I was recommended Fittribe by one of my cousins, one of the best personal training experiences here in Dubai. From signing up till work out schedule everything is fun professionally and smooth. They helped me with a customized workout and nutrition plan to reach my goal of losing weight, with their help I managed to lose 8 KGS do far in 10 weeks. I would surely recommend anyone who wants to live a healthier life to sign up here ..

sachin. jm Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services
sachin. jm

Fit Tribe DXB in Dubai is the best.Great and knowledgeable coach about fitness. I felt very welcomed first moment I joined their online session nothing has changed since then. Happy to be part of Fitness member.

SHAN KARUMBAIAH Machamada Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services

Contacted fittribe DXB with a goal of losing weight for my marriage, they made things very easy and clear in terms of diet and training and how to manage my lifestyle to reach my goal in a faster pace. In 4 months I lost 12 kgs of fat and build muscle.. very well recommended

sanjay salish Google Review for Fit Tribe Dubai - Best Personal Training and Nutrition Services
sanjay salish

They got one of the best personal training and had a good experience



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Fit Tribe targets personalized fitness. One-on-one training plans are created by our trainers for your objectives and lifestyle. The community atmosphere makes every workout feel like a team effort.

Nope! Fit Tribe welcomes all athletes, beginner or pro. Our trainers will help you attain your fitness objectives regardless of your experience.

We provide yoga, high-intensity interval training, and more. Our trainers will customize and spice up your workouts.

Absolutely! We offer customized training at your convenience because life is busy. We’ll workout in your living room or a gym.

Getting started with Fit Tribe for martial arts training is easy! Simply reach out to us through our website or give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

Scheduling a personal training session at your home is easy with Fit Tribe. Simply contact our team and let us know your preferred date, time, and location.


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